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For yeast solutions, just add Ohly

Ohly is one of the world’s leading suppliers of yeast extracts, yeast based flavours and specialty powders for the food, fermentation, nutrition and animal feed markets globally. Our products are based on baker’s, torula and brewer’s yeast. Ohly develops tailor-made products in close cooperation with our customers to provide solutions to the changing market demands. Ohly is part of the ABF Ingredients group, who focus on high value ingredients in food and non-food applications.

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Spotlight: Our products

  • Thumbnail image for Yeast extracts
    Yeast extracts

    Ohly yeast extracts are obtained by biological methods from the protein-rich cell sap of especially suitable baker’s yeasts.

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  • Thumbnail image for Autolysed yeast
    Autolysed yeast

    Autolyzed Torula yeast is the result of a standard autolysis process in which the soluble and non-soluble yeast components are not separated after the cell wells have been ruptured.

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  • Thumbnail image for Yeast cell walls
    Yeast cell walls

    Yeast cell walls are natural components derived from yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Torula.

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  • Thumbnail image for Yeast beta glucans
    Yeast beta glucans

    Beta-(1,3)/(1,6) Glucan is known as an immunostimulant, which activates white blood cells, such as macrophages, granulocytes and monocytes, responsible for defence against infections, and supports the repair of damaged tissues in the body.

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  • Thumbnail image for Inactive dry yeast
    Inactive dry yeast

    Inactive yeast powder consists of a pure, inactivated yeast (S.cerevisiae).

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  • Thumbnail image for Specialty powders
    Specialty powders

    Specialty powders encompass a broad range of flavours that may be referred to as “pantry products”.

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  • Thumbnail image for Yeast based flavours
    Yeast based flavours

    Yeast-based flavours, whether from baker’s or Torula yeast, are the result of adding additional flavour components to the yeast base or may be derived through reaction processing.

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  • Thumbnail image for Active yeast & bacteria
    Active yeast & bacteria

    Active yeasts and bacteria are fermented under controlled conditions to be taken as a probiotic or as starter culture to provide certain flavour and consistency in food applications as meat and dairy products.

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