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Products by application


Ohly offers a wide selection of flavour tools especially designed for savoury food products. This includes primary grown baker’s yeast and torula yeast based flavour ingredients.


The nutrient requirements of the living cell, whether it is of bacterial, yeast, fungal, plant or animal origin, is known to be very specific. The cell needs an optimised mixture of amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, vitamins, salts etc. all necessary as ingredients in the culture medium. Ohly yeast extracts are a complex source, rich in many of the required nutrients. Furthermore, Ohly yeast extracts are of non-animal origin and successfully replace animal derived substrates in media for cultivation.


Our product selection is catering for customers who look for specific health benefits from yeast extracts, inactive and active dry yeast to purified yeast cell walls fractions. These can be integrated into a wide range of specialised food applications such as nutraceuticals, sports nutrition, dietary, clinical and animal food products. The Ohly yeasts of non-GMO origin are grown especially for their nutritional value and, depending on the type of product, are rich in Vitamin B complex, Glucan, Mannan, 5′ Nucleotides, Amino acids and peptides.


Ohly currently manufactures active liquid or dried micro organisms, on contract basis, to be used in production of wine, dairy and meat products etc. Quality of the wine yeasts and starter cultures for food production is of major significance, since by-products and contaminants severely affect the end product quality. During Ohly’s long history of fermentation the process has been developed to effectively manufacture micro organisms of premium quality.

Ohly also serves the pet food industry. High quality pet food ingredients are a good source of vital nutrients and impart the preferred flavour. Inactive yeasts, yeast cell walls and yeast extracts are commonly added to enhance pet food palatability as well as being a source of important nutrients.