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Active yeast & bacteria

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Active yeasts and bacteria are fermented under controlled conditions to be taken as a probiotic or as starter culture to provide certain flavour and consistency in food applications as meat and dairy products. Quality is of high demand since the end product is to be consumed by humans. Active microorganisms can be stored liquid, however, a dried product increases the shelf life.

The standard active wine yeast programme includes different strains of Saccaromyces cerevisiae selected for a quick start, clean and complete fermentation with minimum foam head. Wine yeasts are available for fresh, fruity aromatic white, elegant rose or smooth and mature red wines.

Auxoferm Saccharomyces boulardii- a probiotic yeast that is set to transform the efficacy of oral rehydration systems for patients the world over. The latest release will have applications, dependent on regional legislation, that range from API to Food and Feed Supplements.