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Inactive dry yeast

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Inactive yeast powder consists of pure, inactivated yeast of S.cerevisiae (Auxoferm) or Torula sp. (Provesta). Due to the favourable natural composition of its yeast protein, with all essential amino acids, air inactive yeast powder forms a valuable supplement to daily nutrition. Furthermore, the product stands out for its content of minerals and trace elements and has a typical yeast flavour. The Auxoferm and Provesta yeast powders have a high water binding and emulsifying capacity. It is perfectly suitable for compression.

It is used as both, a food supplement and pet food ingredient. Some typical applications include snacks, pizzas, peanuts and many other foods where a typical yeast flavour is wanted.

Special vitamin yeast powder consists of a pure, inactivated yeast (S.cerevisiae), the nutritional value of which is increased by a supplement of the vitamins niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin B6. The products shows a favourable composition of the yeast protein with all essential amino acids and it is distinguished through it´s content of minerals and trace elements. The product has a pleasant, yeast-typical taste. Auxoferm special vitamin yeast powder has a good water binding and emulsifying capacity. It is excellent for compression.