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Specialty powders

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Specialty powders encompass a broad range of flavour ingredients that may be referred to as “pantry products”. These products are typically stored in a pantry or refrigerator and are used at home or restaurants as liquids: cayenne pepper sauce, Dijon salad mustard sauce, yellow salad mustard, Worcestershire sauce, buffalo wing sauce, bar-b-que sauces, horseradish sauce, jalapeno sauce, honey and molasses. In the spray dried form, they offer a concentration of flavours and unique opportunities for flavours in dry mixes or in topical applications.

New in our range of specialty powders are our vinegar powders which were formerly sold under the Fleischman’s brand. Vinegar Powders are the result of spray drying vinegar, of various flavour, on suitable carriers. They offer convenience of use in dry mixes and in warehouse storage. Vinegar powders come in identity preserved (IP) versions and standard versions. Available vinegar powder flavours include; white distilled, red wine, apple cider, rice, balsamic, and malt vinegar.

Our whole range of specialty powders is marketed under our brand ProDry.