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Yeast cell walls

Main image for Yeast cell walls

Yeast cell walls are natural components derived from yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Torula. These products are gained through gentle autolysis process. Within the process the insoluble cell walls are separated from the soluble components, purified and dried. The cell wall itself is mainly composed of glucans, mannoproteins and proteins.

Yeast cell walls can either be used based on the immuno effect or based on its functional properties.

The unique functional properties of the cells allow applications as an agent for wine treatment, encapsulation of flavours and water-binding properties in different food systems.

Yeast cell walls are also used in animal feed in order to activate the immune system. They are appropriate alternatives if antibiotics are not permitted or not wanted.

In cosmetic applications yeast cell walls can protect against the negative effect of UV exposition. Again, this component also has a positive effect on the skin cell regeneration.