Ohly-GO® Glucan

Yeast beta-glucans are known to increase resistance against microbial infections, and increase antibody titers after vaccination. Known for reliable functionality and consistent quality, Ohly has pioneered the production of beta glucans for animal health, and continues to be a trusted supplier for the industry.

Ohly-GO® Glucan is purified yeast beta-glucan with a specific content above 48%.

It can be added to feed to help replace antibiotic growth promoters, to improve feed conversion ratios and to reduce mortality. Ohly-GO® Glucan is applied at levels of 0.05-0.15 kg/ton feed.*

Key Features and Benefits

  • Improves the animal's immune status
  • Increased resistance against microbial infection
  • Substantially free of mannan-oligosaccharides
  • High consistency of product composition to ensure reliable results

Application Notes

Take a look at our application notes to find out more about the benefits of adding yeast beta-glucans to animal feed.

* The statements made are based on publicly known use cases. Any referenced claims may not have been approved for use in all countries. The product may not be available and/or may not be registered in all countries.

Try Ohly-GO® Glucan yourself

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