Nucleotides for aquaculture and husbandry.

PROVESTA® 512 is a yeast extract derived from Torula yeast. It contains high levels of the nucleotides GMP, IMP, CMP and UMP which are produced by the degradation of the yeast own RNA.

PROVESTA® 512 is used in aquaculture and husbandry, to improve feed conversion ratios replacing antibiotic growth promoters. It is typically added at 1-2 kg/ton feed.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Yeast extract with a high content of readily available nucleotides
  • Improves the utilization of feed by optimizing the nutritional composition
  • Ideal as a feed supplement to improve the animal's immune status
  • Especially suited for aquaculture (e.g. shrimp)
  • Increases feed intake due to palatability enhancing properties

Try PROVESTA® 512 yourself

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