29 October 2019
Ft. Myers (Bonita Springs), FL

Lessons learned, best practices, and case studies in fermentation – Opportunities, Challenges and overcoming them – Round Table

With recent advances in microbial strain development technologies, fermentation derived products are increasingly impacting diverse industries from pharmaceuticals, fuels and chemicals to food, textiles and personal care. This explosive growth in fermentation technology brings with it an improved understanding of best practices, key challenges and ideas on overcoming them. Whether it is variation in raw material quality, reliability of mathematical models, the small number of available direct process measurements, or dealing with contamination, partners or regulations, there are several challenges we have all faced in the course of scaling up and commercialization. In this session, we want to highlight some such challenges, discuss how to overcome them and identify opportunities for continued impact of fermentation processes


Hyatt Regency Coconut Point
Ft. Myers (Bonita Springs), FL