Strong bacon-like, hickory smoked flavour combined with savoury taste.

Smoke flavour
Whole cell yeast
Dry powder

BAKON® HFBN is a high quality, primary grown, inactive Torula yeast with a natural hickory smoked characteristic. BAKON® HFBN contributes a strong hickory smoked flavour and savoury taste in many recipes. For the proprietary natural smoking process a sieve filter is used to trap PAHs and tar but not the desirable aroma compounds, resulting in a safe smoke in line with the latest EU legislation. Typical applications are meats, meat emulsions, sausage, pork applications, soups, stews, snack foods, dry seasoning mixes, instant applications, and vegan and vegetarian recipes. Usage levels range from 0.5% to 3.5% on an as consumed basis.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Strong hickory smoked flavour
  • Provides savoury taste
  • Natural smoking process
  • Clean label, 'smoked yeast'


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