Smoked Notes

Hickory Smoke Flavour - Safe and Natural

Smoke flavour

BAKON® is Ohly´s clean label line of smoked yeast products. They are ideally suited for meat based or vegan/vegetarian products to impart a delicious bacon-like, hickory smoked flavour. For the smoking process we start with Ohly´s high quality yeast and a pleasant hickory smoke flavour is introduced through a natural smoking process. A smoke is created that is considered 'safe' according to latest EU legislation using a sieve filter that traps PAHs and tar.

Global trends have seen an increase in consumer demand for all natural products. As the popularity of smoke flavour foods continues to grow, recent EU legislation has created a new market in natural smoke and seen a shift away from the use of artificial smoke flavourings. Ohly's BAKON® is a natural, clean label smoke flavour alternative to conventional smoke products.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Natural smoking process
  • Clean label, 'smoked yeast'