Looking for a solution that provides both flavour and colour? Explore our range of dark yeast extracts.

The ultimate companions for sauces, ready meals or processed meat, these products impart brown colour and roasted, meat-like flavour notes. Try them in chocolate or coffee-based applications for dark, roasted notes and flavour richness.

Dark yeast extracts owe their colour and flavour to a natural browning reaction (Maillard Reaction) between reducing sugars and amino acids, resulting in the brown colour and delicious roasted flavours which we know from baked bread or roasted meat.

Key benefits

Suitable for vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian applications

There’s no reason why people who don’t eat meat have to miss out on those great roasted flavours.

Now you can fill your plant-based alternative products with roasted flavours and meaty notes by using our dark yeast extracts. And we have rigorous quality control and quality assurance processes in place so you can have complete confidence when you’re promoting a vegan or vegetarian product using one of our solutions.

Flavour and colour with one product

We understand that production processes can quickly become complicated so these products offer a single solution that provides both flavour and colour.

We can make your foods or beverages taste and look great with just one addition to your production processes. For seasonings, meat or vegetarian patties, these solutions can impart brown, roasted notes that taste like flame seared meat or they can bring brown, roasted and bitter notes to chocolate and coffee applications.

How yeast-based ingredients give you roasted notes

Yeast is a wonderfully versatile substance. And it’s also a naturally tasty one.

When yeast is heated, there is a reaction between the sugars and amino acids known as a Maillard reaction. This produces rich roasted flavours and deep brown colours in the same way as when we cook meat or bake bread. We’ve perfected this complex process over the years so that our roasted note products can bring flavour and colour to your foods and beverages.

Why choose Ohly for your food applications?

We can only produce such great flavours – and so consistently – because of our skilled team’s expertise. They make sure your customers get carefully formulated, high-quality products, time after time.

They also put great time and effort into research and development. That’s why we can offer you an ever-expanding range of ingredients, from easy-to-use culinary powders to deliver consistent flavours  to vegan-friendly products that improve taste and nutritional value.

Plus, sustainability is an essential part of our business and we're taking the opportunity to innovate carbon-neutral products. We committed to taking care of our people and respecting the planet.