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Life tastes better with our specialty yeast extracts and yeast-based flavours  savoury, roasted and meaty. Clean-label taste improvers, richer flavour profiles, salt reduction or off-note masking – we have the right product for you. Natural, vegan and allergen-free, halal and kosher certified. Looking for more? With OHLY PRODRY® powders you get flavour on demand: hot, spicy, sweet or sour.

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Taste improvement

Bring out natural flavours, mask off-notes and enable salt reduction – all with our expertly formulated yeast-based solutions.

Flavour delivery

Experience delicious and authentic flavour with our culinary powders and create meaty, roasted and dairy notes with our yeast-based ingredients.


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Quality comes first

One of our core values is quality – and a commitment to high standards runs throughout everything we do.

Manufacturing facilities, processes, final product…it’s all subject to strict checks to make sure those high standards are maintained. At least once a year, our sites and facilities are audited by different customers and independent third parties. As a result, we hold certifications from several organisations.

Plus, as technology develops, so do we, striving to improve our products again and again – setting higher standards.

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Why choose Ohly for your yeast-based ingredients?

When you use our yeast-based products, you’re benefiting from almost 200 years of expertise. We’ve been constantly refining our processes since 1836, making sure our customers get the very best products available.

You’ll also benefit from our complete dedication to customer service to enable you to act swiftly in your dynamic market. However specific your requirements are, our team offers knowledge, data and materials to support you in your recipe or process development.

This is only possible due to the immense skill and knowledge of our team. They make certain that we’re responding to changing tastes and technological advancements, so we can continue to make food better.