Sweetener powders

Easy handling and instant sweetness with natural flavour profiles.


OHLY PRODRY® sweeteners are natural sweetening agents with the benefit of easy handling. Our delicious honey, molasses and maple syrup sweetener powders are carefully formulated to deliver flavours which remain true to their origins and characterizing attributes.

Significantly, they are a great alternative to industrial sugar. Try them in meat rubs, seasonings or powdered drink mixes for mouth-watering flavour sensations with a natural touch of sweetness.

Key benefits of our sweetener powders

Instant sweetness

Sugar is an excellent source of energy - so humans have evolved to love it. When we taste something sweet, the mesolimbic dopamine system is engaged – that’s the brain’s reward system. The ‘feel-good chemical’ dopamine is released, and we’re conditioned to want that sweet treat again and again.

Our sweetener powders offer a great alternative to industrial sugar, delivering instant sweetness with the authentic taste of honey or molasses.

Delicious flavours

We’ve been perfecting and balancing flavours for almost 200 years, using deep insight and talented people to create finely-tuned ingredients. Our sweetener powders follow this tradition, with each flavour providing different nuances.

Whether you’re using them for marinades, glazes, powdered beverages or something else entirely, your products will be bursting with the rich flavours of molasses or honey.

Natural product

Nature provides all the sweetness we need to deliver irresistible flavours. And when your customers taste your foods or beverages, that natural sweetness will shine through.

We simply take the liquid honey or molasses and spray-dry it to maximise the natural taste in an easy-to-use powder. A convenient way to introduce natural flavour profiles to your next innovation.

Narrow particle size distribution for easy handling

When combining ingredients, a narrow particle size distribution is crucial to ensure they flow freely and mix effectively. 

We go to great lengths when we carefully spray-dry liquid raw materials, to produce a powdered ingredient with consistent moisture levels and particle sizes.

So, when you use our sweetener powders, you can rest assured of a high-quality mix with a consistent taste and texture.

Dissolves easily in water

Having ingredients in powder form is undoubtedly useful for transportation and storage, but it’s obviously vital that these powders can easily be dissolved in water.

Our sweetener powders have been expertly developed to ensure they dissolve readily meaning they can be seamlessly incorporated into your food formulations whilst also being easy to store and transport.

Why is Ohly a popular choice for food applications?

Just like everything we produce, our sweetener powders are expertly manufactured, using carefully controlled processes and the finest ingredients. This commitment to quality began almost 200 years ago when we first started making yeast products. And every year, we invite independent standards organisations to ensure we’re maintaining our high expectations.

But we’re also striving to exceed expectations, constantly investing in research and development. Our carbon-neutral and plant protein solutions are just two examples of our commitment to play an active part in addressing global sustainability challenges.