Growth Support

Adding nucleotides to animal feed has been shown to improve animal productivity in terms of average daily weight gain and feed conversion ratio.

Nucleotides are semi-essential nutrients normally produced by natural synthesis in the body. However, when animals are experiencing rapid growth, stress or disease, they are often not able to produce enough nucleotides. In this case, adding nucleotides to animal feed can improve productivity. 

Moreover, nucleotides are known to enhance the immune system. Consequently, dietary nucleotides are a valuable tool for the livestock producer.

Ohly-GO® Nucleo

Ohly-GO® Nucleo is a yeast extract derived from primary cultivated baker’s yeast which contains high levels of readily available nucleotides. It is used in aquaculture and husbandry, as a replacement for antibiotic growth promoters, to improve feed conversion ratios.

Ohly-GO® Nucleo is added at up to 1kg/ton feed.*

Key Features and Benefits

  • Can improve feed conversion ratio through readily available nucleotides
  • Increased resistance against stress and microbial infections
  • Improved palatability
  • Soluble in water
  • Consistent product composition

Application Notes

Take a look at our application notes to find out more about the growth support benefits of nucleotide supplementation in aquaculture and husbandry.

* The statements made are based on publicly known use cases. Any referenced claims may not have been approved for use in all countries. The product may not be available and/or may not be registered in all countries.

Try Ohly-GO® Nucleo yourself

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