Dietary nucleotides for growth support

Improve animal productivity in terms of average daily weight gain and feed conversion ratio.

Nucleotides are semi-essential nutrients normally produced by natural synthesis in the body. However, when animals are experiencing rapid growth, stress or disease, they are often unable to produce enough nucleotides. In this case, adding our expertly formulated ingredients to animal feed can give productivity a boost. 

Plus, nucleotides are known to enhance the immune system making dietary nucleotides a valuable tool for the livestock producer.

Ohly-GO® Nucleo

Ohly-GO® Nucleo is a yeast extract derived from primary cultivated baker’s yeast which contains high levels of readily available nucleotides. It is used in aquaculture and husbandry, as a replacement for antibiotic growth promoters, to improve feed conversion ratios.

Ohly-GO® Nucleo is added at up to 1kg/ton feed.*

Key features and benefits of dietary nucleotides

Improves feed conversion ratio

It’s more important than ever to look for efficiencies in animal productivity; getting more out by putting less in can only be a good thing.

With our expert formulation, dietary nucleotides can help improve feed conversion ratios.

Increases resistance against stress and microbial infections

Everybody wants healthy animals. Stress and disease mean less productive animals and higher animal mortality rates.

But one very simple way to enhance animal health is by using nucleotides, like Ohly-GO® Nucleo, in animal feed.

Improves palatability

Delivered through yeast extracts, our dietary nucleotides enhance the taste of your animal feeds.

It’s thanks to yeast’s natural umami taste that companion animals find their foods more palatable when it’s infused with our yeast-based ingredients. You could use it to mask the taste of medicines or simply to add a meatier character to pet foods. Either way, the enhanced taste stimulates consumption so the our beloved pets will get more of the nucleotides they need.

Soluble in water

Our yeast extracts are water soluble, meaning you don’t have to alter your production processes to incorporate them. They’ll easily fit into your existing processes, helping your customers to support animal growth and productivity.

Consistent product composition

When you buy our dietary nucleotides, you know exactly what you’re getting – time after time.

With almost 200 years of yeast expertise, our company is built upon a commitment to quality and consistency. It’s in the formulations we create, the processes we follow and the rigorous quality control we insist upon. And it’s why we’re accredited by several external standards bodies.

Application notes

Take a look at our application notes to discover the growth support benefits of nucleotide supplementation in aquaculture and husbandry.

Why choose Ohly for your animal feed applications?

Years and years of research and development has gone into every one of our products. Our talented team devote time, effort and knowhow to precisely refining every process. That way, you can be sure that our ingredients consistently meet the very highest standards.

Plus, we’re constantly looking for new ways to satisfy consumer demand and provide you with ever more useful products. From carbon-neutral products to vegan solutions, we’re always prioritising innovation and using the latest technology to enhance your animal feeds.

* The statements made are based on publicly known use cases. Any referenced claims may not have been approved for use in all countries. The product may not be available and/or may not be registered in all countries.

Try Ohly-GO® Nucleo yourself

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