Boosting culture and probiotics growth

Ohly's X-SEED® yeast-based bionutrients provide the right mix of nutrients to grow microbes quickly, yielding high viable cell counts with excellent culture stability and activity. 

Starter culture and probiotics manufacturers grow a wide variety of microbial species which belong to the lactic acid bacteria group: Bifidobacteria, Saccharomyces, Bacillus, Streptococcus etc. These manufacturers supply diverse industries including  dairy, human health, animal feed, plant health, wine and vinegar.

Our X-SEED® products provide key nutritional components like free amino acids, nucleotides, peptides, vitamins and minerals in a composition balanced for optimal growth, stability and activity of microbes in the starter culture and probiotics sector.    

Using bionutrients in cultures and probiotics

Read our white papers with various application examples for increased performance.

Why choose Ohly for bionutrients?

Every time you employ X-SEED® bionutrients, you’re using a solution backed by nearly 200 years of expertise in yeast production. 

Our long history has given us the chance to hone our craft, refining our practices to create quality products that give you swift growth, high yields and wide-ranging nutritional benefits.

But we never stop pushing for improvement – and that’s why we’re focused on sustainability as much as innovation. Whether it’s embracing new technology or reducing our carbon footprint, we are always looking for ways to improve, innovate and adapt.

Not sure which product you need?

We are always happy to give guidance on which combinations of bionutrients to test in different conditions. Just drop us a message and our specialist team will be happy to help. Or request a free sample to try them for yourself.