Improving enzyme production

Improve your enzyme production with our smart nutrient solutions.

Countless types of enzymes are used worldwide in diverse industries including detergents, textiles, food processing, brewing, biofuels, dairy and animal health.

Enzymes like proteases, lipases, amylases, cellulases, pectinases and xylanases are typically manufactured using different microbial hosts such as filamentous fungi (Aspergillus, Trichoderma), bacteria (Bacillus, Streptomyces.) and yeast (Pichia).

Our X-SEED® products provide a wide variety of nutritional options tailored to each production host’s specific requirements to help you maximise enzyme production, increase specific activity and facilitate downstream processing. 

Benefits of using our bionutrients in your enzyme production

Maximise your output

When you have demanding enzyme production hosts, nutrients that can maximise your output are absolutely invaluable. Adding X-SEED® to your processes will increase your enzyme production and overall yields. Using our expertly formulated nutrients for enzyme production to maximise your enzyme activity you'll be creating more value from each batch.

Works at low dosages

Since our nutrients work at low dosages with a low pH to minimise contamination risk, plenty of B-vitamins and naturally bound minerals, you don't need much to substantially improve your output.

Improved purification

Our experience of natural yeast to deliver high purity ingredients is second to none. We create ingredients that contain minimum contaminants to ensure optimal fermentation performance and facilitate downstream purification.

What makes Ohly a popular choice for bionutrients?

Quality and consistency come first at Ohly.

Over the decades, we've worked relentlessly to develop a reputation for producing only the finest ingredients. It comes from processes that are constantly refined and checked for quality - and our extremely high standards.

The result is certification from several prominent standards organisations and consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our team of experts works tirelessly to research, innovate and improve. We're constantly exploring new ways to meet consumer demand and food manufacturers' changing requirements. From formulating carbon-neutral products to embracing emerging technologies, we're committed to progress.

Not sure which product you need?

We are always happy to give guidance on which combinations of bionutrients to test in different conditions. Just drop us a message and our specialist team will be happy to help. Or request a free sample to try them for yourself.