Yeast-Based Ingredients for Taste Improvement

Treat the taste buds with our versatile yeast-based products.

Why choose our yeast-based ingredients for your food?

The way food tastes remains the key driver of repeat purchases. New food products stay on the market only if they're tasty and flavoursome. As consumers seek healthier and more sustainable foods, producers face various challenges with regards to taste. Reducing or replacing ingredients to make a product healthier or more sustainable can often make it difficult to retain great taste. That’s where taste improvement solutions come in.

Thanks to their unique natural composition, yeast extracts are perfect for bringing out the flavour and taste in food and beverages. Ohly is one of the leading suppliers of yeast-based ingredients to the worldwide food industry. We've been making yeast-based products since the mid 1930's, when Götz Ohly was the first to develop yeast extracts. He still lends his name to our company and our branded range of baker's yeast extracts. Today Ohly provides expertise in taste improvement and supplies highly functional yeast-based ingredients to support changing market demands. Our range of yeast extracts will highlight the existing flavour profile of food and serve as a great tool for retaining taste when removing, reducing or replacing key flavour ingredients.

Whatever your needs, Ohly's experts in taste improvement will help you find the right solution for your next innovation! 

Our taste improvement solutions


Savoury building blocks

Bring your food to life with our unique savoury building block solutions. From profound savoury notes to flavour balance and roundness for overall mouthfeel improvement, we have the right product for a wide range of foods.

Taste modulation

Create flavour, balance and harmony with our taste modulation solutions.

Off-note masking

Effective masking solutions for replacing sugars or developing your next plant-based innovation!

Salt reduction

Reduce salt without compromising on taste.

Vegan solutions

Yeast-based vegan flavour solutions that deliver authentic taste and texture for a variety of alternative protein products.

Benefits of yeast-based ingredients for taste improvement

High quality

Quality is a fundamental principle for us - we care deeply about it and pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients.

To guarantee high-quality products time after time, we have exacting quality assurance processes in place. We also regularly - and rigorously - check our facilities, with external audits conducted at least once a year. These audits are carried out by both customers and independent third parties. You can view details of the various organisations who have certified our products here.


As a company, we're committed to becoming more sustainable.

One way we're embracing sustainability is through our first carbon-neutral yeast-based ingredients. When you buy these products from us, Ohly calculates the emissions and invest in offsetting so that you will be able to account for them in your greenhouse gas inventory. Learn more about Ohly's decarbonisation journey.

We're proud to support our customers by providing carbon-neutral products and have set an ambitious target to operate a net-zero production site in Hamburg, Germany by 2030 (scopes 1+2). It's all part of our decarbonisation roadmap which includes investments in projects that will reduce our energy consumption and emissions from the use of raw materials.

Driven by research and consumer insights

Addressing sustainability challenges is just one way we've responded to changing consumer trends. Our experts are constantly researching and monitoring the shifting landscape in food and nutrition. Equipped with these insights, we can develop new products or adapt existing ones, so that our customers can better meet consumer demands.

Plus as technology advances, we constantly evolve, continuously seeking ways to enhance our products and anticipate future trends.