Dairy notes

Whether you need to amplify dairy flavours or deliver aged cheese tastes, our experts will help you find the right solution for your innovation.

We have a range of options to bring out cheese profiles and deliver a creamy or buttery notes. Our ingredients are ideal for vegetarians or just for reducing cheese solid in your recipes. 

How yeast-based ingredients give you dairy notes

The key to achieving delicious dairy flavours with our ingredients is glutamic acid. This amino acid occurs naturally in yeast - and cheese. This means that yeast can do a great job of amplifying dairy notes in food.

So, if you're looking to reduce cheese solids or bring a creamier mouthfeel to your recipe, you can simply use our yeast-based ingredients to intensify the cheese taste or impart a creamy texture. 

Benefits of our dairy note solutions

Suitable for vegetarians

Vegetarianism is growing significantly in many parts of the world, and vegetarians are growing significantly more discerning in their tastes. The days of settling for food that doesn’t contain meat are long gone. Vegetarians can now pick and choose from a huge variety of options.

So if you want them to pick your product off a supermarket shelf, you need to make certain it tastes great. That’s where our expertly formulated dairy note solutions come in.

Improve flavours

Achieve a creamier mouthfeel in soup. Hit upon that salty, sharp taste of aged cheese. Perfect a buttery texture and flavour in a vegetarian risotto.

There’s so much we can do with flavours, thanks to our dairy note solutions. We’re experts at developing ingredients to help certain flavours shine and come to the fore.

Why choose Ohly for your food applications

We know how to give your products the most mouthwatering dairy notes – because we’ve been creating great flavours for almost 200 years.

Throughout that time, we’ve focused on quality or customer service. And that’s still what drives us.

We make sure we provide you with quality ingredients, time after time. Tight quality control processes help us maintain our standards – and so do external inspections from leading standards agencies.

Plus, we invest heavily in research and development, exploring new ways to satisfy consumer demand and fulfil your requirements. Whether it’s creating vegan-friendly products or aligning with the shifting consumer focus on sustainability, we’re always looking ahead to the future of food.