Savoury building blocks

Ohly offers unique savoury building block solutions. From profound savoury notes to flavour balance and roundness for overall mouthfeel improvement, we have the right product for a wide range of foods.

Brings out taste and flavour of your recipe

Yeast extracts - natural ingredients to bring out the flavour and taste of your recipe

Yeast extracts are derived from a natural source - fresh yeast. They bring out the flavour and taste in food and beverages thanks to the unique combination of proteins, peptides and amino acids which are naturally present in the yeast cell. Together, these compounds provide a pleasant brothy, umami note and support the savoury character of your food.

Yeast extracts are naturally rich in glutamic acid, an amino acid known to elicit 'umami taste' which is, next to sweet, sour, salty and bitter, one of the five basic human taste sensations. Umami is described as 'delicious savoury taste' and really brings out the saltiness, sweetness and savoury flavours in food. It also contributes to complexity and produces longer lasting flavour sensations.

High nucleotide yeast extracts - efficient and versatile

High nucleotide yeast extracts are among our most efficient and versatile savoury building blocks solutions. They are unique with their neutral taste and aroma and are added at extremely low levels. They can be used in classic savoury products such as soups, seasonings and sauces as well as in sweet preparations such as fruit drinks or ready-to-drink coffee. Thanks to the unique taste synergy between naturally occurring nucleotides and glutamic acid, Ohly high nucleotide yeast extracts are effective ingredients for enriching flavour profiles, providing long-lasting umami taste and serve as a solid flavour base.