Functional Lipids

Ohly's NEIVA range of specialised powders are expertly engineered to combine function and nutrition with seamless dispersion in both hot and cold liquids.

Dry powder

Ohly has been known and trusted for producing quality powdered ingredients for many years. With powdered lipids being critical components of dietary supplements, functional foods and sports nutrition, we are proud to now offer a range of these ingredients.

Our NEIVA range of powdered lipids is designed to enhance texture, nutrition and functionality. They are perfect for products or applications where liquid oils aren't suitable, offering seamless dispersion with a free-flowing, easy-to-use powder.

What make NEIVA by Ohly a popular choice for functional lipids? 

We are trusted and known for producing high quality ingredients. This commitment to quality is exemplified by our stringent quality assurance products and certifications from international authorities and organisations.

By carefully spray-drying liquid raw materials, we retain all the functional and nutritional benefits in a powdered ingredient with consistent moisture levels and particle size.

We are always looking for improve and innovate and our talented team of expert have invested their extensive experience in the NEIVA range of products.

We’re also committed to playing an active role in addressing sustainability challenges across three pillars - people, customers and planet.