Yeast-based ingredients for immune support

Yeast cell wall polysaccharides are a rich source of two active ingredients with immune-supporting properties: beta-glucans and mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS).

These products can be added to feed, helping to replace antibiotic growth promoters, improve feed conversion ratios and reduce mortality rates.

Benefits of immune support solutions for animal feed applications

Helps replace antibiotic growth promoters

Growing levels of antibiotic resistance are a real worry for farmers. Infections by antibiotic-resistant bacteria cause more than 700,000 global deaths a year. However, it’s estimated that they could be responsible for more than 10 million annual deaths by 2050.

Immune support solutions like ours can help halt the spread of antibiotic resistance by offering farmers an effective alternative to antibiotic growth promoters.

Improves feed conversion ratios

Adding our immune support ingredients to your feed products helps improve feed conversion ratios – thanks to our experts’ skill in perfecting processes.

And this will obviously reflect well upon your products. Helping under-pressure farmers to reduce costs – particularly during tough economic times – will win you their loyalty and lift your reputation in the sector.

Improves mortality

Animals are a costly investment for farmers – an investment that needs looking after. By building our immune support ingredients into your animal feed, you’re helping your customers protect their investment by guarding against bacterial infections .

Our expertise will allow you to make feeds that support animal health – and boost your reputation as a reliable animal feed manufacturer.

Explore our immune support solutions

Why is Ohly a popular choice for animal feed applications?

As a maker of yeast products, our history goes back almost 200 years. In that time, we’ve never stopped refining and innovating, perfecting existing products and creating new ones to meet consumer demands. It’s this spirit of continuous development that drives our talented teams on – to find new ways of supporting animal health.

Our commitment to expanding our expertise means that we fully embrace technology at every opportunity, harnessing it to become ever more efficient and sustainable.

At the same time, we apply the most rigorous quality control methods to guarantee your products are of the very highest quality. You can trust us to deliver excellence – time after time.