What Do We Offer​​?

Working with a diverse group of motivated people on stimulating work that has a positive impact is a very good reason to come and work with us.

With the freedom to make a difference and contribute to the success of the team, you will thrive at Ohly, make an impact within the ABF Ingredients division and have the opportunity to get involved across the wider world of Associated British Foods.

We are a focused and energised team with a great sense of community and enjoyment as well as a real team spirit. All our people have the chance to grow and we will help you reach your potential with plenty of opportunities for career enhancement and continuous development.

We believe in open and direct communication with timely recognition for a job well done. We take a simple and straightforward approach to people management:

  • We provide clear descriptions of roles and responsibilities
  • We run structured induction programmes so that you can learn everything you need to know about your new job and ask any questions you might have
  • Managers and supervisors conduct performance reviews twice a year to discuss progress, performance and development needs
  • We invest in training for our people throughout the business and run professional courses in sales, marketing, finance, strategy development, manufacturing and technology
  • We offer competitive rates of pay, often together with performance related bonus plans
  • We aim for our facilities to be safe, secure and genuinely great places to work. We use employee surveys to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement


If you are keen to kick off your career straight after leaving school then dual vocational training could be for you. With a combination of education and on-the-job training at Ohly, you will get to know how we work so you can be ready to pursue your chosen profession. We are looking for motivated, reliable people with an interest in food processing and production who want to learn how industrial food products are manufactured. Apprenticeships are currently only offered at our Ohly location in Hamburg, Germany.

Apprenticeships are available in the following roles:

Food Technology Specialist

You might not realise it but you will find Ohly products in many products you buy every day from supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants.

Training as a Food Technology Specialist will cover food production as well as all the processes used manufacture our products: everything from taking delivery of raw materials and using the production process control system to loading finished goods into tankers. Health and safety in the workplace are very important to us so you will receive training on production safety measures and how to wear your personal protection equipment correctly.

Business Administration

Our Business Administration apprentices will be trained in all the key business departments: purchasing, sales, supply chain, marketing, accounting and human resources. This will provide a comprehensive insight into our products then you will be able to choose a which area to focus on in your project report for the final exam.

Application Process

  1. Apply for an advertised apprenticeship role via our careers portal and include your CV or resume
  2. We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible
  3. You may be invited to a selection day at which you will be asked to complete a number of tasks related to general knowledge, mathematics and language skills. If necessary, there will also be a practical simulation task. You will attend an interview with the trainers so that we can get to know you better and find out why you are interested in training with Ohly. This is also your chance to learn more about the training and what it's like to work at Ohly. Lastly, all applicants will be taken on a tour of the plant.
  4. We will contact you shortly after the selection day with our decision and, if you are still interested, we will draw up a training contract and register the training relationship with the Chamber of Commerce.
  5. We will send you further information so that you know what to expect on your first day.

Internships and Working Student Roles

We offer different kinds of internships and working student roles at our sites in Boyceville, Wisconsin and Hamburg, Germany. We'd welcome you to join us on your compulsory internship to count towards a qualification or retraining. Or you can of course come and do a voluntary internship with us. Would you like to work on a project with us to help write your Bachelors or Masters thesis? Well, we can happily offer you the chance to do that too.

In addition to the valuable experience you will gain from working with us, we offer fair rates of pay too.

What to expect

"The attractive location and a useful contacts network. As a biotech student, this was very interesting for me. In addition, the work here is fascinating." (Carmen, intern)

As an intern, you'll get a good insight into the world of work in a manufacturing business. Alongside your studies, you'll get to know the different departments at Ohly and have the chance to put your knowledge and learning into practice. No two days are the same here. We will provide you with a variety of regular tasks as well as new and exciting projects which you will assume responsibility for from day one.

You will work a set number of hours per week which you can arrange flexibly in consultation with your team. This is more than just a part-time job though: some of our employees started with us as working students or interns, developed their skills and end up staying on longer.

"I see very good development opportunities. I started as an intern then I was hired as a working student and allowed to write my Bachelors thesis here." (Marin, intern)

University Collaborations

Are you a team player but also independent enough to manage your own tasks? Do you want to apply your academic knowledge to innovative and exciting projects? We encourage student learners to contact us regarding any sort of collaboration they would be interested in. 

Additionally, we are always looking to partner with University Departments, Career Centres, and Professors. If you are interested in having a conversation about how your University Study Programmes can partner with us here at Ohly, please contact us to discuss.