Meaty notes

Create distinct meaty notes with Ohly's yeast-based ingredients.

Meaty note support
Poultry flavour

Whether it's white or dark meat, in ready meals or plant-based meat alternatives, our expertly formulated yeast-based ingredients will bring out more meaty notes in your products.

How yeast-based ingredients achieve meaty notes

The secret to great-tasting meaty flavours in our ingredients is the glutamic acid, an amino acid known for its umami flavour. As well as yeast, it’s also present in meat and cheese. So, if you want something to bring out meaty notes in your food – without actually using animal or dairy ingredients – yeast is the perfect solution.

Yeast is extremely useful for vegan or vegetarian food products, as well as giving your meat products an even meatier flavour, emphasising the tastes that your customers love.

Key benefits of our meaty note solutions

Distinct meat notes (beef or poultry)

Our team of experts has developed a range of yeast-based ingredients to imitate different meaty tastes. So, if you need a succulent braised chicken flavour profile, OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD is for you. Or if you're looking to add roasted meat flavour to poultry, pork and beef recipes, try OHLY® BFT

Highlight meaty and savoury notes

Thanks to that glutamic acid, yeast has a natural umami flavour. So, in meat-based recipes it's great for providing a base profile to support the savoury notes.  Or, if you're creating a vegan or vegetarian dish, Ohly's yeast-based ingredients will help impart meaty notes and even provide that juicy and fatty mouthfeel without using any meat.

Natural dark colour

When it comes to food, our eyes often lead the way. Our meaty note solutions are a natural way to provide the dark brown colour to make your recipes appear even more mouthwatering.

Why choose Ohly for your food applications?

We know food. And we know yeast – and what it can do.

Our long history in food production goes all the way back to 1836 in Hamburg, Germany, when we first started making yeast products. It’s a pedigree you can trust in.

Over the years, we’ve focused on making high-quality products – and developing a reputation for excellence. But we’ve also innovated constantly, researching and developing products to help you improve your recipes and processes. 

And our culture of innovation has also driven us to become more sustainable. We're committed to taking care of our people and helping our customers contribute to sustainable lifestyles whilst also respecting the planet.