Dry Vinegar Powders

A range of genuine fermented vinegar tastes.

Pro Dry

Sharp, rich, crisp, tangy, light - with countless varieties, vinegar has been used for seasoning and balancing flavours for thousands of years. It still features prominently in recipes used across the world, from fish and chips to sushi.

With our vast experience in flavour delivery, we've developed a comprehensive range of easy-to-use vinegar powders to improve your food products - no matter what you're cooking up.

PRODRY® vinegar powders are a convenient alternative to liquid vinegars: no mess or spoilage just perfect taste. They're great for rubs, marinades and sauces, dressings, or dry seasonings.

Benefits of PRODRY® dry vinegar powders

Authentic complex taste

Some vinegars carry an immensely complex taste. This is particularly true of varieties made using grains or rich vinegars aged in casks with an array of ingredients, like ACETUM® Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. In some cases, it’s taken centuries of refining formulations to achieve such intricate, finely balanced vinegars.

We apply the same care and expertise when we spray-dry liquid vinegars. So you can achieve natural taste from a convenient powdered ingredient with consistent moisture levels and particle size.

Natural product

Our vinegar powders are simply dried versions of the liquid raw material with nothing added. They’re 100% natural, using no GMOs. So you can be certain that your products are getting all the goodness of natural vinegar. 

They’re incredibly versatile so you can easily implement them into your food production processes and produce a perfect taste time after time.

Narrow particle size distribution for easy handling

We know that consistent particle size is important for any material intended for mixing is a uniform size of particles. Our drying process creates a free-flowing powdered ingredient with a narrow particle size distribution for easy-handling.

This means you can be sure of accurate doses and good mix quality so your food formulations have consistent taste, flavour and texture. 

Smart alternative to liquid vinegars

Easy application saves you time and money during food production. Seemingly small efficiencies can quickly mount up. Our dry vinegar powders will fit effortlessly into your processes, adding flavour without adding any hassle.

Our vinegar powders are particularly useful when it comes to flavouring dry mixes or seasoning blends.

What makes Ohly a preferred choice for food applications?

You can be certain that you’re getting top-quality ingredients when you use our vinegar powders. We have rigorous quality control and assurance processes in place – because we don’t settle for second best. And neither should you.

We've remained committed to quality for almost 200 years.

But we’re always looking forwards, whether it’s carbon-neutral products or developing solutions to make plant-based foods taste better. And we’re committed to playing an active role in addressing global sustainability challenges – for our customers, our people and the planet.