Flavour delivery

Experience delicious and authentic flavour with Ohly's culinary powders and create meaty, roasted and dairy notes with Ohly's yeast-based ingredients.


A delicious and authentic flavour experience is key to making consumers choose new food innovations. Current trends for healthier, more natural and sustainable consumer food products with transparent labelling mean we need new ways to deliver flavour. A true and natural taste is required to appeal to consumers' discerning palates.

In PRODRY®, Ohly's taste experts have developed a range of culinary powders that offer authentic and complex flavour profiles for a variety of applications like snacks and dry seasonings. By carefully spray-drying the liquid raw materials, we maximise the natural taste in a powdered ingredient with consistent moisture levels and particle size. Such ingredients are easier for food manufacturers to handle during processing and more consistent in food preparation. Take a look at our vinegar, sweetener, fruit & vegetable and culinary sauce ranges.

We are continuously expanding our range to keep up with the latest flavour trends and we offer a custom drying service – just get in touch to discuss how we can turn your liquid or viscous ingredients into an easy-to-use powder!

Our yeast-based products can also impart authentic flavour profiles like meaty, roasted, milky creamy and cheesy in savoury applications including plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. Inspired by traditional cooking methods, we have created a variety of flavour solutions. Contact our experts to find the right flavour solution for your application.

Sweetener powders

Easy handling and instant sweetness with natural flavour profiles.

Fruit and vegetable powders

Bringing natural, bold citrus tastes and the green notes of pickled Jalapeno.

Meaty notes

Create distinct meaty notes with Ohly's yeast-based ingredients.

Roasted notes

Flavour and colour in one product.

Dairy notes

Whether you need to amplify dairy flavours or deliver aged cheese tastes, our experts will help you find the right solution for your innovation.