What’s it like to work for Ohly?

Many of our people like the fast pace, the variety of work and challenges posed by customers, competition and by ourselves. We are demanding for results but in a way that is motivating, team orientated and thoughtful. We look for our people to take responsibility for their priorities and use of time – without our leaders being prescriptive on how results are achieved.

All of our people have potential to grow and develop – regardless of ethnic background, culture, age, gender and style/approach to work – the extent of this potential varies for each person, but we certainly do not want to place an artificial limit on individuals growing and developing to their full potential. With hard work, an engaging style of working that contributes towards the success of the team and the development of a clear track record, you should prosper in our group of companies and in the wider world of Associated British Foods. (see for more information on our parent company and its other operating divisions)

Sounds too good to be true? We are certainly not perfect and the way in which we wish to do business needs continual reinforcement and discussion. However the sentiments expressed here are authentic and real – and we do seek to live by These.

What We Can Offer

As far as our people management processes are concerned we aim to do the simple things well – for example:

  • Provide clarity of role and responsibilities – and expectations of you.
  • A twice per year performance review with your manager or supervisor – looking back, looking forward, discussing the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of performance and learning and development needs/plans.
  • Open direct everyday conversations with your manager or supervisor
  • Well planned orientation programmes where you are encouraged to seek out information and ask questions relevant to you and your new job.
  • Competitive pay rates and in many cases performance related bonus plans
  • Timely recognition for a job well done
  • Using employee surveys to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and level of progress – and using lessons learned to bring our facilities ever closer to being genuinely a great place to work.
  • The opportunity to be involved in step by step improvements to get your workplace closer and closer to being free of accidents and environmental incident
  • Investments in professional training in selling, manufacturing and technology – and in industrial marketing, financial understanding and strategy development
  • Working as part of a focused, energised team of people – a sense of community, enjoyment and real team spirit

Our Company Culture

Excessive controls in business quickly hinders enthusiasm, dynamism and a ‘can do’ culture – we seek to get the right balance between sensible controls/guidelines and the freedom to act and move the business forward. It is difficult if not impossible to always get this balance right but it is important for our people to keep challenging why things are done the way they are and identifying better alternatives.

Giving our people clear accountabilities and freedom to act within a framework is a fundamental philosophy in ABFI. Clarity of roles and responsibilities is crucial for a business team to function well. We do minimise the hierarchy in our businesses – this belief in flat organisation structures serves us well in ensuring clarity as to who is accountable.

How We Use Your Data

Information you supply when you complete this form will be held and used (depending on the job/country you are applying for) by Ohly GmbH or Ohly Americas for the purpose of considering your application and your suitability for employment and will be retained for no longer than necessary for these purposes unless you agree otherwise.

In some cases, our service providers will be processing your data on our behalf. This is because we may need help in assessing your suitability to for employment as our service provider.

See our Website Privacy Notice for further information about the way we use your data and about your rights in relation to this data.

Below you can find a list of our vacancies. If there is not an opportunity that currently matches your interest or profile, send us an unsolicited application via our career center.

You can also create a Job Agent that automatically notifies you when we advertise a position that matches your criteria here.

To protect candidates from fake job adverts or scams, we advise you to always apply through the official Ohly career website. Please also note that you will always meet someone from Ohly face to face in an official ABF location before signing a contract. If you are ever in doubt as to the authenticity of any communications, please email us directly ([email protected]) and we will be more than happy to assist in your query.