Ingredients and biochemicals

Opening the door to lower cost-in-use and high batch outputs.

Fermentation provides a sustainable way of manufacturing many valuable ingredients and biochemicals such as platform chemicals, organic acids, biofuels, sweeteners, flavours, fragrances, amino acids and vitamins. Our solutions deliver optimal nutrition for these fermentation processes, resulting in exceptional performance.

Our X-SEED® product portfolio provides the specific nutritional requirements for different types of cell factories (including bacteria, yeast, fungi and algae). These products ensure high product titers, maximum process productivity, ease-of-use and regional regulatory compliance. 

How Ohly can boost the fermentation process in biochemical applications

Our carefully formulated bionutrients use the nutritional profile of yeast to enhance the fermentation process during your biochemical manufacturing.

By improving your upstream and downstream processes, our bionutrients will allow you to produce greater quantities of biochemical products more efficiently, resulting in lower cost-in-use and higher capacities.

What makes Ohly a good choice for bionutrients?

All kinds of biochemical and ingredients manufacturers trust us to enhance their productivity. Here's why:

Step up your production

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