Balanced nutrition for optimal process performance and regulatory compliance.

Biotechnology and fermentation are increasingly being used for the production of biopharmaceuticals like vaccines, recombinant proteins, antibiotics and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Our X-SEED® products are certified to comply with diverse regulatory requirements and they benefit typical production hosts such as mammalian cell lines (CHO) and microorganisms (Saccharomyces, Streptomyces, Pseudomonas etc.) by providing balanced nutrition, lower endotoxins and easier downstream processing.       

Benefits of our biopharma solutions

Improve batch output

Maximise your output with nutrients that increase yields and support biopharma processes in several ways. With a high degree of purity and regulatory certification, our nutrients can be used to boost your process efficiency with complete confidence.

Consistent performance

Made from our own  natural yeast grown with the utmost control, X-SEED® is ideal for consistent pharmaceutical production.

Works in large-scale processes

Our X-SEED® KAF yeast extract comes in a carbon neutral, liquid form, making it easier to use sustainably in large-scale fermentation processes.

What makes Ohly a good choice for bionutrients?

Although the use of yeast-based nutrients in biopharma is a relatively new innovation, we have almost two centuries of expertise in producing yeast. 

In that time, we’ve developed a whole range of products. But more importantly, we’ve developed an uncompromising commitment to quality. Our team applies stringent quality assurance checks to our processes and products, so you know you'll get quality and consistency every time.

Plus, we’re always working to improve the way we work and the products we supply. From formulating carbon-neutral products to embracing emerging technologies, we make sure that we’re ahead of the curve.

Step up your biopharma production

Click the button below to request a sample and experience the many benefits of  X-SEED®. Or get in touch if you're not sure which product you need. We are always happy to give guidance on which combinations of bionutrients to test in different conditions.