Culinary Hot Sauce Powders

"Kitchen favourites" in a convenient powder to deliver an authentic flavour experience.

Pro Dry

These powders are naturally rich in hot and spicy ingredients. They deliver powerful, long-lasting flavour sensations and natural colour. They're convenient and easy-to-handle powders, which can deliver a mild or strong spice profile for seasonings, coatings and glazes or dry mixes for sauces and soups.

Choose flavour directions such as Cayenne Pepper, Mustard or Original 'Louisiana' Hot Sauce to spice up your application.

Key benefits of our culinary hot sauce powders

Delicious "kitchen favourites" in powdered form

Hot sauce flavours can transform food products and delight customers. Many people just can't resist that kick of a hot sauce.

We've taken these popular sauces and made them into a convenient powder which you can easily add to your products, so your customers will keep coming back for more.

They work equally well for mild or strong spice profiles

We're experts in balancing flavours, and our skilled team of professionals has worked hard to perfect these culinary sauce powders. They take pride in helping you make food your customers will love.

Knowing that those customers have different tastes, our experts have produced a range that's versatile enough to deliver both mild and more powerful spice profiles. For us, it's about creating ingredients ideally suited to your needs.

What makes Ohly a popular choice for food applications?

You can trust us to produce top-quality ingredients, time after time. Our team applies stringent quality assurance checks to our processes and products, driven by our commitment to quality.

It’s that passion for quality that’s kept us at the forefront of food production for almost 200 years.

Plus, we never stop looking for ways to improve our processes and product range – and help you improve your offerings to customers. We invest heavily in research and development, giving our talented team the resources they need to innovate. 

From formulating carbon-neutral products to offering plant protein solutions, we’re responding to the latest consumer trends.