NEIVA MCT Immune combines functional lipids and fibres to support a healthy diet.

MCT, medium-chain triglycerides, are functional lipids that provide an efficient source of energy with the advantage of not affecting the total cholesterol.

Beta-glucan is known to activate and stimulate the immune system. Recent studies indicate that the beta-glucan from yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, also may lower cholesterol.1 These properties make NEIVA MCT Immune ideal for people who want to support weight management and their immune system.

Key function of NEIVA MCT Immune

The synergistic combination of MCTs and beta-glucan provides a well-rounded solution for overall wellbeing:

  • Supports and stimulates the immune system
  • Efficient energy source for the brain that may improve cognitive functions
  • Contributes to appetite balance and supports weight management

Benefits of NEIVA MCT Immune

  • High quality yeast beta-glucan with high degree of branching
  • Rapid absorption and conversion to ketones
  • No impact on cholesterol
  • Potential antimicrobial function for gut health
  • Suitable for ketogenic and paleo diet


NEIVA MCT Immune can be formulated in various dosage forms and has many applications such as functional food, sports nutrition, and dietary supplements.

NEIVA MCT Immune can be mixed into dry matrices, powder blends, pastes or emulsions. Being insoluble, it can be dispersed into liquids or lipids through high shear mixing. Our yeast beta-glucan is subjected to a gentle purification and drying process resulting in a narrow particle size distribution for convenient handling.


1. Sima et al. (2018) International Journal of Molecular Medicine, 41 (4), 1107-3756.