Plant Protein Taste Toolbox

When choosing plant-based alternatives over animal-based products, genuine taste is key. Our customers use Ohly®’s ingredients to create a genuine plant-based protein experience delivering umami, off-note masking, meaty notes, mouthfeel enhancement and sodium reduction.

Brings out taste and flavour of your recipe
Salt reduction
Masks off notes
Meaty note support

The animal-protein replacement category has existed for centuries and with a few newer consumer buying factors that have emerged, is here to stay:

  • Health concerns over meat consumption / healthy diet
  • Concerns about the environmental impact of intensive mass animal farming
  • A conscious choice towards a flexitarian lifestyle

While these consumer purchasing trends  have also  spurred  the  development  of new  related  segments, such as meat  hybrids  or  cultured meat; the main consumer and supplier focus has currently been improving taste and texture of plant-based proteins to delivery improved products to a new consumer segment.

Ohly® believes that for any consumer to return to any plant-based product it has to convince them with authentic taste and flavour.

With this in mind, we have developed our Plant Protein Taste Toolbox – a comprehensive selection of ingredients  delivering  key  taste  functionality  for  a  wide  range  of  products including vegan dairy and meat alternatives.

Features and benefits

Our yeast extracts deliver key taste functionality...

 Taste boost / Umami  Salt reduction
 Meaty note support  Roasted notes
 Off note masking  Mouthfeel / fattiness


...and tick all labeling boxes

Proven use in recipes around the world

Ohly®’s ingredients are already used in major commercial plant-based products worldwide. Whether in recipes are based on  legumes, wheat, nut or other proteins, they help to create a natural & authentic flavour experience that makes the difference between consumer curiosity and returning customers.