Carbon-neutral products

Our first carbon-neutral yeast-based ingredients for sustainable diets

For our portfolio of carbon-neutral products, we worked with external carbon experts at ClimatePartner to calculate the carbon emissions associated with the sourcing, production and distribution of the products. We have achieved carbon neutrality by reducing emissions where possible and then by compensating the remaining carbon emissions by investing in verified carbon offset projects.

Introducing carbon-neutral yeast-based ingredients to help our customers on their carbon reduction journeys 

Our first carbon-neutral products are our powerful natural yeast ingredient OHLY® FLAV-R-MAX, our classic yeast extract OHLY® FLAV-R-BASE 19 and our yeast-based bionutrient ingredient X-SEED® KAF.

These products are only the first step on our journey to build a portfolio of carbon-neutral products for our customers.

Offsetting product emissions

We mark our products with a ClimatePartner 'carbon neutral' label including our unique ID-Tracking number and website which help our customers to understand how these products have become carbon neutral, and where the emissions have been offset. This label provides our customers with full transparency regarding the carbon neutrality of our products.

We have invested in carbon-saving projects to launch our first three carbon-neutral products. These projects offset unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions occurring during the sourcing, production and distribution of our carbon-neutral products. We support projects sourced by ClimatePartner (Project ID:17010-2203-1001) and certified according to international standards, such as the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) and Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs). This validates the effects of the projects on reducing emissions; one of the most important requirements is that the projects’ contribution to carbon dioxide reduction can be clearly measured. 

We believe in the benefits of new and innovative technological solutions to reduce carbon emissions as well as investing in nature-based solutions. We have chosen to support two projects: one that helps to provide clean energy by creating biogas from waste. The gas is turned into heat to supply clean energy to a pulp and paper mill in the USA. The other project aims to protect the Rostock city forest in support of our local communities in north Germany. The forest will store vital amounts of carbon, nitrous oxide and methane while also preserving a habitat for rare species. More information about our offsetting investments can be found here on the ClimatePartner website.

Clean energy for a pulp and paper mill in
Berlin, USA by creating biogas from waste

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Vital carbon stores in a city forest in Rostock,

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