Ohly-GO® MOS


Ohly-GO® MOS 是一种由优质酵母细胞壁组成的产品,这些细胞壁来源于自溶的初级培养面包酵母(酿酒酵母)细胞)。由于酵母细胞壁是球体,其外部各成分会与宿主相互作用(如图所示)。Ohly-GO® MOS 的酵母细胞外壁主要成分为甘露寡糖。甘露寡糖能够结合各种肠道病原体并限制它们的定植,比如沙门氏菌大肠杆菌和梭菌属。自溶(Ohly-GO® MOS)和水解(Ohly-GO® Wall)酵母细胞壁结构之间的差异。

Ohly-GO® MOS Ohly-GO® Wall

将酵母细胞壁加入饲料中可替代抗生素生长促进剂,减少饲料转化率、降低动物死亡率。Ohly-GO® MOS 的用量通常为每吨饲料 0.25-1 千克。

Key Features and Benefits

  • Prevents pathogens from binding to gut receptors and colonising
  • Increased resistance against microbial infections
  • High consistency of product composition ensures reliable results

Application Notes

Take a look at our application notes to find out more about the benefits of adding yeast cell walls with MOS to animal feed.

* The statements made are based on publicly known use cases. Any referenced claims may not have been approved for use in all countries. The product may not be available and/or may not be registered in all countries.

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