Provesta 512 – unique in 5′ IMP+ GMP and naturally occurring free glutamic acid content

07 5月 2009

Provesta® 512 is a high quality, primary grown, yeast extract derived from Torula Yeast. This innovative product contains high levels of 5′ IMP+GMP and naturally occurring free glutamic acid.

Due to the synergistic effect of the nucleotides and free glutamic acid, Provesta® 512 provides a strong first impact which passes into a long lasting flavour of the product and umami impact. With this specific combination Provesta® 512 is unique in the market.

Thanks to its composition Provesta® 512 allows effective MSG- replacement, with a usage level of less than 10% of the originally used amount of MSG. Beyond Provesta® 512 also offers solutions for salt-replacement and provides a clean label.

Provesta® 512 contains less than 2% sodium and is suitable for a wide range of food and beverage applications. Due to the strong flavour enhancement Provesta® 512 provides economy through it’s cost in use.