X-SEED® Nucleo Advanced

Naturally enriched yeast extract, an excellent source of free ribonucleotides and easily available peptides.

Yeast extract
Dry powder
Water soluble

Several lactic acid bacteria commonly used in the food industry or as probiotic have lost the ability to efficiently synthesize nucleotides. Moreover, in enzyme production processes, the production rate of RNA can become limiting. In both cases, using a yeast extract containing high levels of free nucleotides can release the bottleneck and offers a unique economical solution to improve your production process.

X-SEED® Nucleo Advanced is yeast extract of primary cultivated yeast that is processed in such a way that the RNA is converted into nucleotides. It is an excellent source of free ribonucleotides and easy available peptides.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High content of free nucleotides
  • Good fermentation performance of many lactic acid bacteria


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