X-SEED® Peptone

Yeast peptone supplying increased amounts of small peptides, B-vitamins and naturally bound minerals.

Yeast extract
Dry powder
Water soluble

For some strains or in certain production processes taking up amino acids as peptides, instead of free amino acids, results in higher productivities and yields.

By selective hydrolysis of our yeast, we produce a yeast peptone in which almost 80% of the amino acids are available in peptide form. X-SEED® Peptone is further characterized by having more small peptides than most other peptones (~90% of the peptides has a molecular weight lower than 2 kDa).

Key Features and Benefits

  • Almost 90% of the amino acids are available in peptide form
  • Excellent source of B-vitamins and naturally bound minerals


Try X-SEED® Peptone yourself

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