X-SEED® KAT Advanced

Yeast extract characterized by high amounts of free amino acids and elevated proportions of short-chain peptides.

Yeast extract
Dry powder
Water soluble

Of all commercially available yeast derivatives, X-SEED® KAT Advanced has some of the highest amounts of free amino acids. Manufactured via precision extraction, it also contains a high proportion of short-chain peptides.

Thanks to these properties, together with the inherent presence of B-vitamins, minerals and trace elements, X-SEED® KAT Advanced makes an excellent nitrogen source for bacterial fermentations.

By enhancing performance of common bacterial hosts, X-SEED® KAT Advanced can maximise output in a wide range of applications including enzymes, biochemicals, biopharma and bioremediation.   

Key Features and Benefits

  • High amounts of free amino acids
  • High proportion of short-chain peptides
  • Improves enzyme yields and biomass production
  • Enhances performance with bacterial hosts like E.coli, Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB), pseudomonas etc.

Download Application Note

Follow the link below to discover how the high amounts of free amino acids in X-SEED® KAT Advanced can benefit growth performance and enzyme production.


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