PROVESTA® 512 Torula Yeast Extract

High 5'-nucleotide level combined with natural glutamic acid – a powerful combination for savoury flavour and delicious taste. Salt reduction up to 50%.

Salt reduction
Brings out taste and flavour of your recipe
Yeast extract
Dry powder
Water soluble

PROVESTA® 512 is a Torula yeast extract rich in natural 5’ -nucleotides and glutamic acids. The synergistic effect between nucleotides and glutamic acid efficiently brings out the flavour of your recipe and provides a rich umami taste sensation. Used for low salt applications where sodium reduction of 50% is the target. It can be used in soups, sauces, condiments, dressings, seasonings, meat or baked goods.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Efficiently brings out the flavour of your recipe
  • Provides rich umami taste
  • Salt reduction up to 50%


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