Ohly launches Ohly-GO® Wall – Robust hydrolyzed yeast cell walls combining the benefits of MOS and ß-glucans


To overcome the variability in performance of yeast cell wall products Ohly is introducing a new yeast cell wall product produced from primary cultivated yeast by hydrolysis: Ohly-GO® Wall. This product combines the health benefits of Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS) and b-glucans.

With the increasingly widespread ban on the subtherapeutic use of antibiotics in farming, there is a growing demand for alternatives. Yeast cell walls are widely used for this purpose and their benefits are well accepted. Generally, they are a by-product from the yeast extract industry or produced from brewer’s or biofuel spent yeast. Therefore, the MOS and b-glucan content of such products varies largely. Moreover, yeast cell walls are spheres. Hence the components that are on the outside of the yeast cell wall interact with the host and determine its function.

Conventional yeast cell walls are mostly the result of yeast autolysis, and their outer layer contains mannan oligosaccharides, hence the common referral to yeast cell walls as MOS. In contrast, the outer layer of yeast cell walls produced by hydrolysis contains a mixture of b-glucans and MOS. Ohly-GO® Wall is a new product of robust composition that is produced by hydrolysis of primary cultivated yeast. It contains both MOS and b-glucans on its outside, allowing it to fight microbial infections by two modes of action: pathogen binding as well as immune stimulation.

Mariët van der Werf, Global Platform Director Feed Health

Nutritionists at animal feed companies rightly demand proof of the benefits of feed ingredients based on the results of animal trials. However, product consistency and product structure are as important in order to realise these benefits in a robust manner.

Ohly-GO® Wall Characteristics

  • Combines health benefits of MOS and b-glucan functional polysaccharides
  • Effective at dosage of 250 – 1000 gram/ton feed
  • High product consistency
  • Produced from primary cultivated yeast
  • Made in Germany
  • Full batch traceability
  • Natural Ingredient
  • Free from animal-derived ingredients
  • Non-GMO

Yeast Cell Wall Benefits:

  • Contain high levels of MOS and b-glucans
  • Pathogen binding
  • Immune modulation
  • Reduced mortality
  • Improved body weight Gain and Feed Conversion Ratio