Ohly produced labelled yeast extract to unravel its contribution of valuable building blocks to the synthesis of vitamin B2


Ohly GmbH, Hamburg is excited to share the results of their collaboration with the Wittmann group from the Institute of Systems Biotechnology at the Saarland University.

For the first time ever, a fully 13C-labelled yeast extract was custom-synthesized by Katelijne Bekers at Ohly GmbH and used as a key component to understand and quantify the impact of yeast extract on the growth of the fungus Ashbya gossypii and its subsequent production of riboflavin. The embedded 13C tracers demonstrated that the yeast extract significantly contributes carbon and other valuable building blocks during growth as well as during riboflavin production. This highlights the importance of carefully selecting a yeast extract specifically for each process based on its unique composition.

Read the research report here