PRODRY® Honey Powders

We offer a range of dried honey powders.

Pro Dry
Dry powder
Water soluble

Our PRODRY® Honey Powders are spray-dried powders made from pure honey. These cream to dark cream powders provide wonderful honey flavours combined with the ease of using a powder. They are carefully formulated to stay true to their origins and characterizing attributes. They offer a natural touch of sweetness to enhance, intensify and complement other ingredient flavourings in many topical applications such as coatings, glazes, health foods, seasoning, dry mixes, sauces, beverages and more.

The range includes:

Amber Honey

Sweet and smooth honey with a floral finish.

Honey HSD

Honey with a dried fruit finish.

Honey HRD

Mild honey with complex caramel notes.

Floral Honey

Strong floral notes, balanced sweetness


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