Towards a carbon-neutral taste of life

"Operating our Hamburg site as net-zero by 2030 is ambitious. However, our carbon reductions to date give us great confidence that we will achieve this target. We are proud to share our existing activities and decarbonisation plans including how we're adapting our product portfolio to provide our customers with carbon-neutral products." 
Ralf Fink, CEO, OHLY

Turning challenge into opportunity

Carbon neutrality is a crucial response to the challenge of climate change. Consumers are becoming aware of their individual contribution to climate change and expect brands to reduce the carbon emissions of their products. Employees want to work for environmentally responsible companies that are looking to do more to address the climate crisis. We have an opportunity to tap into these needs and develop products with low or neutralised carbon emissions to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle for a healthier planet.

Our customers in the food and bionutrients' industries are already working towards carbon reduction in their supply chains. At Ohly, we have always addressed our environmental impacts and will continue to pursue reductions in our carbon emissions.

We're taking the next step by setting out an ambitious target to operate a net-zero production site in Hamburg, Germany and build a portfolio of carbon-neutral yeast-based products by 2030.

We have introduced our first carbon-neutral yeast-based ingredients which provide our customers with products that help them reduce the emissions in their value chain and work towards a better future.

Today we are proud to support our customers in their carbon reduction journeys with our first carbon-neutral products.

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