Provides a base meaty profile to support red and white meat.

Meaty note support
Yeast extract
Dry powder
Water soluble

Add a mild roasted meat flavour and meat impression to perfect your food applications. OHLY® BOT LS reinforces beef flavours, providing a base meaty profile with a little sweet touch to support red and white meat.

It's a great low-salt alternative to brewers' yeast extract. It's also ideally suited for vegan and vegetarian dishes to impart meaty notes and extend umami and savoury flavours, whilst helping to reduce plant-based protein off-notes.

Usage levels range from 0.2% to 1.0 % on an as-consumed basis. In seasoning compounds, the dosage may go up to 20%.

Key features of OHLY® BOT LS

  • Mild roasted meat notes
  • Fits well with poultry, pork or beef
  • Helps to reduce off-notes in plant-based proteins


Why choose Ohly for your food applications?

Our passion for quality has kept us at the forefront of food production for almost 200 years. In that time, we’ve developed a deep insight into food production, allowing us to develop finely tuned ingredients for you. We’ve also developed extremely rigorous quality control and quality assurance procedures, so you can be certain you’re getting exactly what you – and your customers – need, time after time.

But you can also be reassured to know that we react speedily to changing consumer demands. For example, we now make carbon-neutral and plant protein solutions, reflecting shifting trends in the wider food marketplace. Partnering with us means partnering with a forward-thinking world leader in food production.

Try OHLY® BOT LS yourself

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