Provides the sharp notes of aged, European cheeses.

Cheese Flavour
Dry powder

OHLY® CHET helps to increase the overall cheese perception especially in snack seasoning blends.

Key features of OHLY® CHET

  • Clean cheese flavour
  • Increases salt perception
  • Natural product


Why is Ohly a popular choice for food applications?

We first started creating yeast products almost 200 years ago in Hamburg, Germany. From the beginning, we based our business on producing the finest yeast possible and making the most of yeast’s amazing natural properties. It’s this whole-hearted investment in quality that drives our success.

But we never stop investigating ways to help you better meet your customers’ needs. From creating carbon-neutral products to enhancing vegan solutions, we keep up with shifting consumer demands. We stay on top of these trends by investing in research and development – and giving our skilled team the opportunity to innovate.

Try OHLY® CHET yourself

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