Give your applications an authentic and powerful yeast-based chicken flavour.

Poultry flavour
Brings out taste and flavour of your recipe
Salt reduction
Masks off notes

Chicken is one of the most popular taste choices among consumers around the world. Boiled, stewed, roasted, grilled and fried – chicken has been a mainstream taste for both new product launches and home-style favourites for decades.

Inspired by traditional cooking methods, Ohly has harnessed the functional potential of natural yeast to create the perfect signature chicken flavour for your next innovation: OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD. The high umami impact and true juicy, dark-meat chicken flavour delivers strong body and function with no ingredients of animal origin, making it perfect for a plant-based diet.

Key benefits:

1. Effectively masks undesirable off-tastes

2. Signature braised chicken flavour profile with true dark-meat note which delivers the perception of succulence

3. Enables potential salt content reduction, by increasing salt perception without adding salt

4. Robust and long-lasting umami sensation


Why is Ohly a popular choice for food applications?

We put your customers’ needs first. Here’s how:

  • Quality: we’re absolutely committed to providing you with top-quality ingredients for your products with quality checks throughout our processes
  • Products: responding to the latest consumer trends and behaviours, our expert team is always researching and developing new products to delight our customers
  • Sustainability: we look to the future by creating cutting-edge ingredients for healthier and sustainable lifestyle, including our first carbon-neutral products to help our customers on their carbon reduction journeys
  • Experience: having first created yeast products nearly 200 years ago, our experience in food production is second to none

OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD is the ideal choice for a range of applications!

Be inspired by our ideas:

Vegan Chicken Nuggets

Vegan "chicken" nuggets

With a growing number of consumers actively reducing their meat consumption, we expect a diversification of plant-based offerings. Why not turn a classic chicken nugget into a tasty product made from plants? OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD is the perfect choice to provide succulent dark-meat flavour with fatty, chicken-skin notes and rich umami in plant-based nuggets.


Vegan "chicken" jerky

The increasing demand for more plant-based proteins that provide true taste and quick energy is expected to lead to a wider range of jerky snacks becoming available in the next few years. OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD can meet that demand by delivering a premium rotisserie chicken flavour in jerky made from natural plant protein and umami rich ingredients that pack a savoury punch. Come and try the future of snacking.


Vegan Chicken Jerky