Scientific paper on Ohly-GO® products in animal feed


We are excited to share the results of a study conducted by the Department of Animal Bioscience in the University Guelph showcasing the benefits of using Ohly yeast cell wall products Ohly-GO® Wall and Ohly-GO® MOS as animal feed supplements.

Interestingly, Ohly-GO® Wall had very similar responses to pure yeast beta-glucan (95%). This is in line with the fact that it's mainly beta-glucans that are present on the outside of Ohly-GO® Wall. Moreover, both Ohly yeast cell wall products, Ohly-GO® Wall and Ohly-GO® MOS, were shown to significantly enhance cell migration in porcine intestinal cell models. This increases the rate of tissue and wound repair in the intestine leading to an improved overall intestinal health.

This study has shown that Ohly-GO® Wall and Ohly-GO® MOS are not only both more cost-effective yeast cell wall products but can yield similar effects compared to expensive pure yeast beta-glucan (95%). These supplements have the potential to replace purified yeast beta-glucan and benefit domestic farm animals, such as pigs, by improving intestinal health via simulation of tissue repair.

Read the research report here