The next level of consumer confidence – Non-GMO Project verified ingredients from Ohly

We at Ohly take pride in the quality of our products, with most of them being GMO free. Nevertheless for many consumers today, it takes the assurance from independent organizations like the Non-GMO Project to confidently choose a product from their desired category. This is what we give credit to by offering a range of Non-GMO Project verified ingredients.

Our innovative PRODRY® NGMOP dry condiments have received the Non-GMO Project Verified seal of approval following comprehensive evaluation by the independent organisation. This means we are able to offer our customers a range of non-GMO powders with a full flavour profile for use in their own dry mixes and seasonings.

PRODRY® NGMOP products are the latest additions to our PRODRY® range, which is the result of decades of experience in taste ingredient development and production. All PRODRY® free flowing powders have been specifically formulated to help bring together even the most difficult ingredients and are carefully calibrated to retain their intense aroma components for maximum flavour and exceptional taste.

Currently our range encompasses:

  • Vinegar powder
  • Mustard powders
  • Hot sauce powder
  • Sweetener powder

More information about the Non-GMO Project is available on their website: